Electricity marketing: Web conference provides information on power purchase agreements

From next year, the first renewable energy systems in Germany will no longer receive EEG payments. The number will gradually increase in the following years. In view of this, long-term electricity supply contracts, so-called Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), are increasingly developing as an option for electricity marketing for plant operators. But PPAs are also becoming more and more interesting for new systems due to significantly lower funding rates and the planning uncertainties associated with tenders. The Centrale Agrar-Rohstoff Marketing- und Energie-Netzwerk (CARMEN) takes up the current developments in the web conference “Electricity marketing through Power Purchase Agreements” on December 2nd, 2020.

How electricity marketing with renewable energies works

With a PPA, an electricity producer and an electricity consumer usually conclude a long-term electricity supply contract. It offers both parties the advantage of long-term price security. In addition, customers have the option of using the green properties of the electricity for their own sustainability goals via guarantees of origin. However, the volatility of renewable energies and fluctuating market prices also pose challenges for the contractual partners. Whether a PPA marketing model is worthwhile in individual cases depends on many factors. At the CARMEN web conference, the connected experts therefore particularly address legal and planning aspects that must be taken into account for successful implementation.

Another event deals with regional electricity marketing

The online event “Electricity marketing through power purchase agreements” is aimed at plant operators, citizens’ energy cooperatives, direct marketing, energy supply and project development companies as well as anyone interested in the subject and content. One week in advance on November 25 and 26, 2020, the network will provide information at the web event “Decentralized energy supply – use your own electricity or market it regionally” about regional opportunities for electricity marketing. The conference fees are each 49 euros (including VAT). CARMEN members, representatives of Bavarian authorities and students pay 39 euros. The number of participants is limited. Source: CARMEN / jb

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