Electricity between Berri, Mikati and Capital Control before the committees on Monday and Tuesday

Next week, attention will be turned to the two sessions of the joint commissions, Monday and Tuesday, to learn about the fate of the “Capital Control” bill, while a meeting between the Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri and the government, Najib Mikati, was emerging, he limited himself to declaring that he had agreed on a formula relating to the electrical dossier, without providing further details.

According to Al Diyar: «The prime minister’s sources did not want to divulge this formula, stating only that the issue of electricity played an important role in the meeting. Informed sources reported that Mikati discussed with Berri the formula to secure the financing of the purchase of fuel oil for the operation of the electrical systems and the possible legal mechanism for the formula to secure the financing, formula agreed and followed in the council after is been conducted within the government by relevant ministries.
Mikati wanted to speed up the purchase of fuel to run the factories and guarantee electricity between 8 and 10 hours a day, with the adoption of the new electricity price.

Furthermore, according to the information, he stressed that the tariff should take effect immediately and that it should be paid from the beginning of the new year, stressing that the necessary technical, administrative and financial measures should be taken for this step and that the work should be carried out to ensure fuel within a short period.
According to Al Diyar, the option to purchase the fuel to run the plants was taken weeks ago by a decision by Mikati, and came after the US administration intervened by preventing Lebanon from obtaining a fuel oil donation from the Iran, and after all failed attempts to supply Lebanon with Egyptian gas through Jordan and Syria, as well as the supply, the current comes from Jordan due to the American veto, after Washington announced that it would not opposed to this project.
The secretary general of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, in his speech the day before yesterday announced that “Iran has accepted the request of the Lebanese delegation that visited it to help Lebanon in fuel oil supply, but the American curse prevented assistance.”

On the other hand, the deputy secretary general of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem, tweeted: “Lebanon has been prevented from receiving the Iranian fuel donation, “600 thousand tons”, worth about 350 million dollars, and therefore the Lebanon has been prevented from lighting up with electricity five to six hours a day for several months!”

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