“Electric Vehicles: A Popular Mode of Transportation for Lebaran in Indonesia, But Infrastructure Still a Challenge”

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesian people have various choices of modes of transportation to carry out Lebaran from public transportation to private transportation, in which electric vehicles are starting to become popular SPKLU.

In the various choices of modes of transportation for this homecoming, there are private modes of transportation with electricity. Indeed, over the past few years, the government has been intensively encouraging people to use electric vehicles. There are two electric vehicles that are common in Indonesian society today, namely electric cars and electric motorbikes.

Charging infrastructure issues

In its use for long distances, electric vehicles clearly require charging or a Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station or SPKLU.

Meanwhile, according to an expert, the infrastructure for electric vehicles is still not as good as that of conventional gasoline-fueled vehicles.

“Problem recharging this is not as good as conventional vehicle infrastructure, so users of motorbikes or electric cars, I suggest not to use it if the distance is more than 300 kilometers or more than six hours of travel,” said Jusri Pulubuhu, Founder of Jakarta Defensive Driving Consulting, quoted from Between News.

Government efforts to build an electric vehicle ecosystem

Meanwhile, the government is also encouraging infrastructure development that encourages the electric vehicle ecosystem. With a better ecosystem, electric vehicles will obviously be more functional and increase their users.

One of the government’s efforts for this is the construction of SPKLU. In East Java, for example, PLN’s East Java Distribution Main Unit (UID) plans to increase the number of SPKLUs to accelerate the electric vehicle ecosystem in the East Java region. This plan has been disclosed since last year.

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“To accelerate the electric vehicle ecosystem, PLN is providing electricity infrastructure through SPKLU, Public Electric Vehicle Battery Exchange Stations (SPBKLU) and Home Charging Stations,” said General Manager of PLN UID East Java Lasiran in Surabaya, Wednesday 23 March 2022.

SPKLU point outside the toll road

In 2023 itself, there will already be SPKLUs scattered, especially in Java. OTourism.id conduct research to obtain data regarding SPKLU location points outside the toll road. With this data, electric motorbike riders can also access SPKLU information.

From this research, there are 26 cities with SPKLU along the homecoming route outside the toll road. 15 cities of which are on the northern coast of Java. While 11 other cities are on the south coast route.

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