Electric cars for newly licensed 2021 (and not only): data and prices. Second part

An electric car for newly licensed? The price lists of car manufacturers now have a choice of a certain amplitude of battery-powered cars that can be driven at the age of 18 or in any case just passed the exam. Here is a complete overview of what the market offers divided into two episodes, this is the second (who the first episode). The prices are listed but all models can take advantage of the Ecobonus until 31 December 2021. Obviously, the benefit is linked to the incentive funds that are managed by the ministry for economic development. The refinancing of Ecobonus incentives, which became law in the Senate, provides for the refinancing of 60 million for the purchase of cars with emissions between 0 and 60 g / km of CO2, therefore electric (0-20) and plug-in hybrids (21-60). For 100% battery-powered cars only, the incentive is € 10 thousand if, together with the purchase, an approved vehicle is scrapped between € 0 and € 4 between the state contribution and the discount applied by the dealer, while the Ecobonus drops to 6 thousand. euro without scrapping. The new car must cost a maximum of 50,000 euros excluding VAT, or about 61,000 euros.



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