Electric car service: how much will it cost you?

Internal combustion engines (especially modern ones) are very complicated machines that require some care. This includes, in particular, periodic changes of the oil and its filter, if the aggregate is coupled automatic transmission, so you need to change the lubricant inside as well. Add to this after a while some candles and an air filter, which are not fundamentally expensive items, but of course there is work to be done. Modern diesel engines on top they must receive the Liquid AdBlue and if you’ve ever reloaded it yourself, you’ll probably agree that it’s not a lot of work.

The usual suspects

The above applies until nothing goes wrong. But as soon as the car has had something to do with it, it usually needs to be replaced turbocharger or particulate filter. The service will start signing on the owner’s wallet, especially for diesel cars. Is called “diesel triathlon”And includes three rather expensive items: turbo, injectors, dual-mass flywheel. When the DSG box starts to break, it’s a real joy.

The electric motor does not pose a risk

Now what awaits the owner of the electric car. It is usually once a year cabin filter and then maybe windshield wipers. This is the end. Unity is so simple that there isn’t much to go wrong there. There is no strong metal-to-metal friction, no unwanted forces acting there, and therefore the only risk they pose rolling bearings or temperature sensors. But honestly – it’s really more of an exception when something like this breaks.

The battery usually lasts

It represents a risk traction batterywhich is usually still under warranty, one of the items goes out and is replaced the whole batteryor holds maybe 10-12 years old. Five-year battery stories are not based on truth, usually in the first year or two the total capacity decreases by a few percentage points, then it decreases practically linearly and after a decade it usually has during normal operation 80-85% its original capacity. The car is still usable, but it still has around a fifth of its range. However, regular service costs are minimal for an electric car.

Sometimes even in the thousands

The electric car has a huge advantage and recovery. This reduces wear on the brakes, and owners of these cars sometimes find that the service does not change the discs due to wear, but due to corrosion. Even so, the durability of these components is longer than most incinerators. The warranty check is usually associated with cleaning drum brakes (if the car has them), but this is not always the case and many electric cars have rear discs. It is therefore not unusual for the owner to leave the tour with a receipt nd 560 crowns, because the car has just stood up, inspected the chassis, checked the shock absorbers, the aforementioned brakes and that’s it. Some electric cars are required (eg Hyundai Kona). battery coolant replacement, which is usually the most expensive item. If the warranty inspection includes this, its price can be 3000-5000 crowns. It depends on the specific location, because not all licensed services of the same brand have the same prices.

Pay attention to the tires

But some pitfalls, like with diesel cars, don’t happen with electric cars. But what can surprise the owner, they are pneumatic. Electric cars are usually a little heavier than internal combustion engines and are huge too couple, which has no problem turning the wheels when starting on virtually any surface. Therefore, if the owner of such a car enjoys better dynamics, his tires will logically wear out sooner. In addition, battery-powered cars are equipped with the so-called ecological tires, which have lower friction (which increases the range of the car a little) and tend to be a bit more expensive than regular tires. If the owner wants to buy a new “computer”, He will have to dig deeper into his wallet. But if she’s wearing classic coats, it doesn’t matter.

Source of information: Hyundai, elettrek.

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