Electric car: Aston Martin does not launch the Rapid E ​​on the market

James Bond is likely to remain the only driver of an electric Aston Martin for the time being: The British luxury car manufacturer is unlikely to launch the Rapid E ​​electric car as planned.

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Aston Martin wanted to start series production at the end of 2019. 155 copies of the electric car should be built. But like the British trade magazine Autocar, citing a source from the corporate environment reported, the company has changed its plans. The Rapid E ​​will then become a research platform to advance the manufacturer’s electrification program.

There will therefore be no small series of the Rapid E. How many pre-orders Aston Martin has already received and whether down payments have to be refunded is still unclear, according to Autocar.

This could be due to the company’s current bad situation. It recently issued a profit warning for December. According to Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer, 2019 was very disappointing. The company will focus on the Sports Utility Vehicle DBX to end the financial plight, reports Autocar. The first models are expected to be delivered in the second quarter.

Aston Martin had the Rapid E ​​on the Rapide sports sports sedan based, Announced in 2015, The electric car was supposed to come onto the market in 2017. The vehicle was ready for series production not presented until early 2019,

The Rapid E ​​is powered by two motors on the rear axle, which together have an output of around 455 kilowatts. The car accelerates from a standing start to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in about four seconds. The top speed is 250 kilometers per hour. The range is according to the manufacturer a good 320 kilometers according to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). It takes less than an hour to charge the battery.

The Rapid E ​​is Aston Martin’s first electric car … (Image: Aston Martin)

The Rapid E ​​is supposed to make an appearance as a company car by James Bond in the film No time to die who will come to the cinema in early April. It would not be the first Aston Martin to be built exclusively for a James Bond film: The Aston Martin DB10 was also an exclusive production.

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