Elections in the United States: the Democratic Party offered to speak at the Convention to a republican figure

John Kasich (AP)

In the nearly five months since Joe Biden reached the Democratic nomination for the White House, it has focused on consolidating the divergent and often belligerent factions of the party. As the campaign close approached, that effort expanded to include Republicans unhappy with President Donald Trump.

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican at odds with the president, is expected to speak at the Democratic National Convention on behalf of Biden. The agency had anticipated it AP weeks ago, and now Bloomberg cited an anonymous source within the party, who assured that he is among those invited to speak. Kasich is among a handful of high-profile Republicans likely to become more active in supporting Biden in the fall.

Other speakers who would also participate are prominent Democratic figures. Among them are former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, former first ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Also expected is the speech of Bernie Sanders, the main rival that Biden faced during the primaries.

Joe Biden, at a campaign event in Delaware on July 28 (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst / File Photo)
Joe Biden, at a campaign event in Delaware on July 28 (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst / File Photo)

The Democratic Party confirmed this week that the National Convention, at which Biden will accept his nomination, will take place entirely virtually. The party authorities had indicated months ago that most of the attendees would participate remotely in the convention, which will take place in the state of Milwaukee. But this Tuesday a source close to the organization confirmed that the main protagonist of the night will not go either.

The decision was announced internally on Wednesday morning. Wisconsin health authorities had advised the committee in charge of the Convention that, given current health conditions in the state, where more than 60 thousand cases have been confirmed and 970 people have died as a result of the coronavirus, it was not certain that the candidate would travel to Milwaukee.

Biden will give the acceptance speech from his own home in the state of Delaware. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the virtual candidate has been confined there. In the basement of his home he improvised a kind of television studio from which he recorded the few public appearances he has had in recent months.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden on the day of Donald Trump's inauguration as US president (REUTERS / J. Scott Applewhite / Pool)
Barack Obama and Joe Biden on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president (REUTERS / J. Scott Applewhite / Pool)

In the meantime, Trump is doing virtually nothing to expand his appeal beyond the right-wingers and nationalists who make up his most loyal supporters.. Some Republican operatives believe the suburbs are already lost while a contingent of high-profile Republicans openly questions the president’s re-election message. In recognition of the mounting challenges, Trump appointed a new campaign manager last month.

Some surveys suggest that Biden’s strength comes more from voter discontent with Trump than from enthusiasm for the former vice president, whose verbal stumbles, his long record in Washington, and recent attempts to appease progressives leave him in a more difficult place than some Democrats would like. With less than three months until the elections, there is time for sudden events that could change the trajectory of the campaign.

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