Elderly Rejected Covid-19 Vaccine? This Could Be The Cause!

Suara.com – Before you can get an injection the Covid-19 vaccine, everyone must first pass the health condition screening.

Especially for the elderly (elderly people), screening is carried out by answering five questions related to the ability to walk, the number of comorbidities it has, up to body weight.

The Ministry of Health has required that if an elderly person experiences three health problems out of the five questions, he cannot be given a vaccine.

Therefore, doctors reminded that the elderly do not need to be offended or upset (bring feelings) if they are rejected by health workers when they are going to vaccination.

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“There was a patient who suddenly WA (whatsapp) to me, this patient using a wheelchair came to the Puskesmas then was refused, was not allowed a vaccine because he was wearing a wheelchair. He was confused,” said an internal medicine specialist dr. Lukman Zulkifli Halim Amin, Sp.PD., in an online webinar, Sunday (28/3/2021).

According to doctor Lukman, the confusion in the elderly was due to the inability to communicate from the Ministry of Health regarding the requirements for the Covid-19 vaccination for the elderly.

He explained that the body of the elderly is more fragile so that the requirements must be tightened to minimize the side effects of vaccines.

“There is a fragile condition. So seeing how the patient can climb 10 stairs, how much weight is lost, the ability to walk. Then the patient has one kind, two kinds, or five kinds of disease. Apparently this has not been communicated well,” he said.

Therefore, he reminded the elderly to ensure their physical condition and health before undergoing vaccination.

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“I say, do not be offended if you later refuse at the health center. Because in the elderly, apart from obtaining a vaccine worthy certificate, they also see the ability to walk and others. That is a very important assessment. So it is not enough to see the disease but also the fragile condition. , “he explained.

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The elderly are also strongly advised to first carry out routine health checks, especially if they already have congenital diseases.

Doctor Lukman explained that elderly people who already have certain diseases can indeed be vaccinated as long as the pain is controlled and they get a letter of recommendation from a doctor.

“This is the importance of re-examination to identify screening, whether the vaccine is feasible or not,” said Doctor Lukman.


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