Elderly Day Reminder: Don’t Get Rid of Rent

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

On May 29, Indonesia celebrates National Elderly Day. The hope is that the elderly can remain active, healthy, independent and efficient.

Regarding the commemoration of this national day, an internal medicine specialist-geriatric consultant, Lazuardhi Dwipa, admitted that he is often concerned about the view that the elderly are familiar with the condition of old age.

“Ah, it’s old, the rent is normal, you know. That’s not possible, that’s something that can’t be understood,” said Lazuardhi in the National Elderly Day title with Entrasol, Saturday (29/5).

In the world of health, geriatric syndrome is known, namely health problems that occur in the elderly due to the aging process. These include mental health problems, sleep disturbances, digestive problems, brittle bones, decreased muscle mass (sarcopenia), comorbid diseases.

If left unchecked, these problems can lead to the elderly’s vulnerability to infectious diseases as well as old conditions, difficulty being independent and decreased quality of life.

How can the elderly be called old?

Lazuardhi said there is a list of questions that can be used to assess whether the elderly are old or not. There are five questions with a score of 1 point for a ‘yes’ answer. If the total points are more than or equal to 3, then the elderly are legitimate to be called old.

1. Muscle weakness

Do you have difficulty climbing 10 stairs?

The difficulty here means that the elderly must rest to be able to complete 10 stairs or even have to be assisted.

2. Activities

Do you get tired easily and feel tired for a long time?

Easily tired and prolonged fatigue is one sign of the elderly experiencing psychological problems. This can be a sign of depression.

3. Many diseases

Do you have more than 5 chronic diseases?

Diseases in question such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, ever had a heart attack, asthma, joint pain.

4. Physical performance

Can’t walk 200 meters?

A 200-meter walk can be used to determine the physical performance of the elderly. When walking 200 meters is not strong, it means that physical performance decreases.

5. Malnutrition

Have you ever experienced a weight loss of 5 percent compared to body weight a year ago without intending to lose weight?

“This aging factor can be changed, it can be modified. So vulnerability is not a fixed price, it can be treated,” he added.

Easily tired and prolonged fatigue is one sign of the elderly experiencing psychological problems. (REUTERS/KAI PFAFFENBACH)

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