Elation Freedom wants to be the first American hypersport for electricity, but it also offers the V10

No one has heard of this carmaker yet, but the first car it plans to come to market with is not a sharpener. It is called Freedom, and it offers 1434 electric horses thanks to three electric motors.

If such power is too low, Elation offers a fourth electric motor at an additional cost. He is to shift the overall performance of the car to 1929 horses. According to available information, one of the versions – probably the stronger one – is to accelerate to the “American hundred” of 60 mph (97 km / h) in 1.8 seconds. The maximum speed should be electronically limited to 418 km / h.

Elation Freedom

Foto: Elation

However, let’s take it more as a prerequisite or goal of development – the images provided by Elation are not photographs, but illustrations. The weight of the car is also stated as a “development goal” – 1650 kg for the version with three electric motors.

According to the company’s founders and car authors, Carlos Satulovsky and Mauro Saravia, Freedom will be America’s first purely electric hypersport. It can be argued that there is Hyperion XP-1, but it is not an electric car with a battery, but a car with hydrogen fuel cells.

Swing doors must not be missing.

Foto: Elation

Speaking of power, Freedom has 100 or 120 kWh on board in a battery, whose cells are arranged in a T-shape and placed between and behind the seats. So exactly where you want to have the heaviest thing stored in the car to have the best possible driving characteristics. The range on a single charge should be 300 to 400 miles, ie 483 to 644 km.

It is also worth noting that the basis of the Freedom’s construction is a carbon monocoque chassis, as with most other hypersports. The wheels are suspended by double trapezoids – the rear ones have pushrod-type suspension, but the shock absorbers with springs are mounted not transversely, but longitudinally at the rear wheels.

The carmaker predicts that Freedom will not only be insanely fast in a straight line, but will also handle corners. So one of the illustrations shows a car on the North Loop of the German Nürburgring.

Foto: Elation

Perhaps the best thing about the whole novelty is that there will also be a version with an internal combustion engine. It is supposed to be called Iconic Edition and that engine is supposed to be a 5.2-liter ten-cylinder with an S-Tronic transmission and all-wheel drive. From this we believe that it will come from Audi. However, it is supposed to have more than 760 horses, so we estimate that it will be supercharged.

And finally – the price. The carmaker has already announced that the basic price of Freedom will be $ 2 million (44.6 million crowns). For Iconic Edition, it will be $ 2.3 million (51.2 million crowns). However, this still does not guarantee that the car will actually be produced – there are a number of similar projects that have started ambitiously and ended infamously.

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