El-Shishiny: I do not understand how Zamalek is contracting with Al-Jazairy, and Sassi’s goal is great success

Sami El Shishiny, the former Zamalek star, confirmed that he was surprised by Zamalek’s contract with Tunisian Seif Al Jaziri, although he will not participate with the team in the African Champions League.

Sami El Shishiny said during his interview with the media Medhat Shalaby in the program “Evening On Time” broadcast on On Time Sport 2: “Zamalek signed with Tunisian Seif Al Jazeeri and Marwan Mohsen. I don’t understand her story, because Saif Al Jaziri will not play in Africa. He is a very special player, but How do we contract with him and he will not play Africa, and he is number one, and after him Marwan Hamdy, and when I was with Carteron, he was looking for Defender, I nominated Mahmoud Hamadeh, the Pyramids player, and he said, “He played in Africa or no.” So I asked him to play. Before contracting with Al-Jazairy, he was a very important player. “

Regarding the Zamalek and Ismaili match, the Shishini said: “Ismaily played his best match in the league against Zamalek, who was not in his condition because more than one player was away from his level, and the changes affected the level of the dervishes.”

And El-Shishiny continued: “Ashraf bin Sharqi and Sassi are among the players who are unavailable to sit on the final bench. They must play all matches because they have the ability to make the difference at any moment, and Tariq Hamid Shail is the text of the stadium alone and gives Sassi freedom of movement and offensive rush.”

Al-Shishini explained: “Zamalek’s second goal is great success because it started with a distraction from Mahmoud Alaa, then he cut it from the Ismaili defender to reach Marwan Hamdy, who passes it to Obama, to pass it to Sassi, who put it in the most difficult place, and a global goal from a player who makes the difference, and this is what differentiates between a player. And player. “

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The former Zamalek star added: “I spent 100 days an assistant to the French Patrice Carteron in Zamalek, and I worked with him because he did not have any assistants with him, which is what we were happy to work with because I would have a role with him, although I was rejecting the idea because I was working in the analysis and the club channel and Mask. The junior sector, and when I caught the salary, the salary was very low. However, I completed before February the fire in which there are two confrontations with Al-Tarji and matched with Al-Ahly, and I decided to leave after this month due to the financial regulations for the African and local Super Bonus, the player was taking 150 thousand pounds as a reward and I take 40 thousand pounds, How I don’t know.

El-Shishiny explained: “The African Championship last year was the easiest tournament you could take, because good luck was walking with Zamalek in a strong way in the presence of Carteron. We took the local super and Al-Ahly was the best and we took the African Super after the progression of Esperance and we scored 3 goals, but the final of the tournament was the least for Al-Ahly but won.” The championship with the skill of Muhammad Magdy Qafsha. “


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