El Mundo del Toro sends its encouragement to the Benaventans | Radio Zamora

This Wednesday, June 10, the Corpus Christie festival, Benavente will celebrate its traditional festival … but this year’s celebration will be missing the main protagonist of the city’s festivities: the Carrera del Toro Enmaromado.

The traditional act of the rope bull will not be able to be celebrated because of the COVID-19 pandemic and for that reason and to send a message of encouragement to the residents of Benavente and to the fans who regularly also come from other parts of the Spanish geography, Different professionals from the world of bullfighting star in this video in which the importance of health is emphasized and encouragement is sent so that in 2021 the tradition is retaken with more force, and even who knows, if by launching the declaration of Fiesta de National Tourist Interest.

Journalists such as David Casas or Chapu Apaolaza, the Zamorano banderillero, Francisco Javier Gómez Pascual, the picador Pedro Iturralde, the ranchers Antonio Bañuelos or David Sánchez Medina (El Montecillo), and matadors such as Gonzalo Caballero or the teacher Juan José Padilla participate in this initiative that has been disseminated through the social networks of the Benavente City Council.

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