“El Kenny” leader of a gang was shot down by the FAES in Barquisimeto

A Colts .38 caliber revolver bearing “The Kenny” was located at the scene. (Courtesy)

In an operation carried out this Tuesday in the morning, the leader of the “El Kenny” gang was shot down, after facing commissions from the Special Actions Forces (FAES) in the José Gil Fortoul urbanization in Barquisimeto, Lara state.

Officials from the Territorial Intelligence Base (BTI) Lara came to the site to find the antisocials and on Calle 1 they sighted a man with the physical characteristics of the leader of the group of criminals, so they gave him a loud voice, but ran to an invasion and barricaded himself on a ranch.

Minutes later, he took out a firearm and confronted the FAES commission, where he was badly injured.

Kenis Hernán Chirinos Gutierrez, 35, alias “El Kenny” was taken to the Antonio María Pineda Central Hospital where he died.

At the scene, a .38 caliber Colts revolver with “El Kenny”, whose gang was involved in robbery, armed robbery, and homeless robbery, was located.

FAES Lara Press

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