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El Comercio Answers: Ruby 2020 | When and where to see the new version starring Cam


Love, madness and obsession are still the main components of , the new remake of the soap opera that has been so successful in Mexico, the United States and other Latin American countries. Now starring , this production is the great bet of through his project Fabrica de Sueños, which covers the most successful Mexican soap operas of recent times.

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Directed by Carlos Bardasan, produced by W Studios and written by Leonardo Padrón, this 2020 version of Ruby promises. In the next note we tell you everything you should know about the new story of the seductive and manipulative woman.

What is the plot of Rubí 2020?

This version stars Camila Sodi, In the role of Ruby, has a different twist to the famous 2004 version of . Now it’s a Ruby, plunged in ruin and even, with a face full of scars, who is telling his own story, making it clear that he is capable of everything to get out of poverty, even betray the people he loves most.

A journalist called Carla Rangel, decides to make a report about a mysterious woman who lives on the outskirts of Mexico City by name Rubí Pérez Ochoa. This mysterious woman hides a great past that led her to become the most hated woman in all of Mexico.

After 20 years, Ruby He grants an interview to this journalist, in which he will begin to narrate how he planned to stay with the millionaire boyfriend of his best friend.

How many chapters does the Ruby remake have?

The remake of the original story of Yolanda Vargas Dulché It consists of 26 chapters. When it premiered successfully in January in the United States, through the chain Univision, now seeks to repeat the formula on the Mexican small screen.

Ruby previewed its first three full chapters on the site and in the Stars app.

Where and when to see the Rubí remake?

The new version of Rubí is Televisa’s big bet. Its first episode aired on June 15. You can tune into the episodes at 9:30 pm Monday through Friday on the Channel of Stars. You can also do it through the following

Who are the protagonists of Rubí?

  • Camila Soldi as Rubí Perez Ochoa
  • José Ron as Alejandro Cárdenas
  • Kimberly Dos Ramos as Maribel de la Fuente
  • Rodrigo Guirao as Héctor Ferrer Garza

Complete department

  • Mayrín Villanueva is Refugio, mother of Rubí
  • Tania Lizardo is Cristina, Rubí’s sister
  • Ela Velden as Carla Rangel
  • Marcus Ornellas as Lucas Fuentes Morán
  • Alfredo Gatica as Loreto Mata
  • Paola Toyos as Queca Gallardo
  • Antonio Fortier as Cayetano Gómez
  • Rubén Sanz as Eduardo, Prince of Spain
  • Lisardo as Arturo de la Fuente
  • María Fernanda García as Rosa Ortiz de la Fuente
  • Mayrín Villanueva as Refugio Ochoa de Pérez

What is the official song for the Rubí remake?

The chosen entry theme for the Rubí remake is the song “Who cares”.

How many Ruby versions have been made on TV?

  • Ruby (1968): soap opera produced by Valentín Pimstein for Televisa, starring Fanny Cano.
  • Rubí (2004): Mexican soap opera adapted by Ximena Suárez and Virginia Quintana and produced by José Alberto Castro on Televisa, starring Bárbara Mori.
  • Ruby (2010): Philippine telenovela produced by ABS-CBN and starring Angelica Panganiban.

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Rubí: All the actresses who played the protagonist of this iconic soap opera

Rubí: All the actresses who played the protagonist of this iconic soap opera




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