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He informed that it continues to deliver national identity documents () to people who requested an appointment through their website.

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Since the beginning of July, the state entity resumed attention to the public in its different premises located in Lima. For now, deliveries of DAYS at their headquarters Miraflores, Independencia, Jesús María, Cercado de Lima, San Borja and Callao.

Through a statement, Reniec indicated citizens must enter their website to confirm the status of the identity document process, only after this step can they approach the chosen location.

What should you take into account before collecting your ID?

  • The DNI is only delivered in the place where it was processed.
  • The duplicate ID requested by the Reniec website can only be collected at the chosen location.
  • In case the chosen venue is closed, the user must wait for it to reopen in order to collect the document.

How to know if my DNI is ready to collect?

  • Login to .
  • Choose the option of Online services.
  • Then click Check the Processing Status.
  • Choose the option by DAYS / DNIe The Registration form to follow the process.
  • If the advance appears in the 100%You can book an appointment to pick up the document. If this percentage does not appear, you must wait.
(Photo: Reniec)

How to request an appointment to collect my ID?

Just follow the online steps below to book an appointment and pick up your DAYS.

  • Login to .
  • Choose the option of Online services.
  • Then click Appointment booking
  • Enter your number DAYS and confirm other personal information: your first last name, email and cell phone. When filling out all the information, continue.
  • You will have the option to select the type of service, place and hours of operation.
  • Finally, you will receive an email or text message as confirmation to go to your appointment.
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(Photo: Reniec)
(Photo: Reniec)

In which Reniec premises can I collect my DNI?

  • Miraflores. Diez Canseco 230, alt. block 4 and 5 of av. Larco.
  • Independence. Calle Los Andes N ° 486 Urb. Industrial Panamericana Norte.
  • Jesus Maria. Jr. Talara 130-132-134 Y 136.
  • Fenced from Lima. Jr. Cusco 653 (Plaza Castañeta).
  • Fenced from Lima. Jr. Ancash 336-430
  • San Borja. Of. Luis 1673- Urb. Jacaranda II.

What are the hours of operation at the Reniec premises?

The registry body attends in two shifts:

  • Monday through Friday from 7:45 am to 12:15 pm
  • Monday through Friday from 1:15 pm to 5:45 pm

Where can I make the payment of the DNI procedure?

You can make the payment through:

  • Banco de la Nación or Multired agent.
  • Banco de Crédito (BCP), BCP agents, app or website of the bank.
  • Through the platform .

What Reniec procedures can be done online?

You just have to enter the website to be able to complete the following procedures online:

  • DNI duplicate.
  • Address rectification.
  • Rectification of civil status.
  • Check the status of the DNI process.
  • Consultation of procedure in consulates.
  • Certificate of Registration (C4).
  • Validation of Identity Records.
  • Consultation of registry records.
  • Certified copies of minutes / games.
  • Validation of certified copies.
  • Refund for fee payments.
  • Access to public information.
  • Electronic Address.

What procedures can be carried out in person at Reniec?

  • DNI procedures for adults and minors or electronic DNI.
  • I collect DNI for adults and minors or electronic DNI.
  • Registration of birth, marriage and / or death.
  • Obtaining a certified copy of records / games.


Know why the DNI is important

Brief history of the DNI-Reniec
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