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is a tiktoker Peruvian that in the middle of a pandemic of he has been helping people who work on the streets. But not only does he collaborate financially with them, he also provides messages of love and encouragement. Her initiative has allowed her to add millions of followers on social networks such as , Instagram, y Twitter.

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The way of helping this curious character is recorded in videos less than 60 seconds, quickly going viral on social media. Despite keeping his identity confidential, the tiktoker has managed to win the admiration of thousands of users around the world.

Who is ‘Osito Lima’?

Since he started his solidarity campaign, many people want to know who he is ‘Bear Lima’ and why it helps many street workers. Her face does not appear in the short videos she uploads to Tik Tok. Only your voice is heard and your hand is appreciated every time you deliver money, clothes or food to the people most in need. He influence Peruvian seeks to inspire more people.

The account was created in February of this year, and the name of ‘Bear Lima’ (@lima) It is because the bear is his favorite animal, while he chose Lima, because all his actions are carried out in this city. He already has 3.8 million followers on Tik Tok.

Such is his popularity that national and foreign media have interviewed him to discover more details about the person behind the charismatic bear. In conversation with Somos magazine, the tiktoker indicated that Born in the 1990s, he is married and has a 10-month-old daughter named Victoria. While at Latina, he stated that his wife is named Andrea, and she has a tattoo of her name on her arm. He has not given more information about his profession, but in his last interviews he assured that he has always done everything to generate income, even making hand-painted cards.

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Who does the ‘Little Bear Lima’ help?

The workers are surprised on any street in Lima. In addition to Peruvians, the ‘Bear Lima’ It has also brought its help to a large part of Venezuelans living in the country. There is also no average age, since from young people to grandparents they have been able to bring more income home thanks to tiktoker.

In their videos, you can see that candy vendors, magicians, singers or musicians did not expect to receive that money. The character asks them how much they need to sell to go home, giving them double money (between S / 50 to S / 100). Finally, he says goodbye to them with motivational phrases like “You are important”, “I love you” or “everything will be fine”.

What motivated you to help? Knowing that his parents grew up in extreme poverty and seeing how there are people who help despite having little. He just wants to do his bit during these months where they only talk about COVID-19.

Where does the Bear Lima get money to help people?

In your social networks, ‘Bear Lima’ clarified that it is not being financed by any person or company. And that the money he allocates to people who work on the streets is thanks to an undertaking he has.

“Thank you very much to the people who write to me wanting to send me money. Excuse me, I’m not accepting contributions. I really appreciate the intention and the big heart you have. I invite you to contribute directly to a person on the street that you see in need. I love them”he wrote on his Twitter account.

Why are there people who criticize Bear Lima?

But ‘Bear Lima’ You don’t just get positive comments on social media. There are also users who do not agree with her way of helping, since she ends up recording people without their authorization. Some people on Twitter and Facebook claim that you can perform your actions, without the need for a camera. And that their help would be conditional on likes or visualizations. The character’s response has been that he will continue with his solidarity chain.

“If there is a person on the street and they are in need, they are not unknown to me. If it’s an old lady, I see my mommy. If he’s an old man, I see my daddy. If I see a pretty young boy juggling, I see my brother. If I see a lady, I see my sister. That is very important: not to see people as strangers to ours. I see helping as a responsibility ”, he remarked to Somos.

What do you think of the initiative ‘Bear Lima’?


Osito Lima: the tiktoker who walks the streets helping those in need

Osito Lima: the tiktoker who walks the streets helping those in need


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