El Comercio Answers: New Bonus 760 soles: can I be a beneficiary of this bonus if I already received

The president of the Republic, , announced a new that will benefit families that have been economically affected by the pandemic of the . The approval of this amount was announced by the president during his last message to the Nation.

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“This subsidy seeks to help bear the economic consequences that arose during the quarantine and its extension. We are going to attend to all the vulnerable families in the country according to the new census prepared for this purpose ”, indicated the head of state.

This 760 soles bond offered by the Government will be additional to the second tranche of the Universal Family Bonus announced for the first week of August.

When will the new 760 soles bond be delivered?

The financial aid will be delivered between August and October this year, as detailed by the president in his speech for National Holidays.

Who will be able to access this bonus?

He 760 soles subsidy seeks to reach 8.5 million households who have been economically affected in the midst of the health emergency by the COVID-19. Its implementation will require an investment of S / 6,400 million.

“Now we have a National Registry of Homes that has more reliable information on who will benefit. 28% corresponds to people who are in rural areas and that corresponds to pay the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion and the difference to the Ministry of Labor “Minister Patricia Donayre explained to Latina.

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How to collect the new 760 soles bonus?

The head of the Midis indicated to RPP, that “Mechanisms are being established through Banco de la Nación, companies in the financial system to be able to pay as many people as possible.”

In addition, the modalities of payment through the cell phone and through the ‘paying carts’, mobilities that will bring the voucher to the most distant areas of the country, will be maintained.

Can I be a beneficiary if I have already received other bonuses?

If you collected other government subsidies months ago, you can still be a beneficiary of this second bonus of 760 soles, since according to statements by the Minister of Development and Total Inclusion, Patricia Donayre, this aid will reach all those who have already received the Bono Independiente, Bono I stay at home, Bono Familiar Universal and Bono Rural.

“This new challenge that the president has raised includes a bond that is much larger, it is to pay the 8 million households that will receive the bonus again”Donayre remarked.


President Martín Vizcarra announces a new bond of 760 soles

Martín Vizcarra announces new universal family bond


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