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The Economy Commission of the Congress of the Republic approved on June 25 an opinion that allows the withdrawal of money to the ex-employees of the and current members who have not reached 20 years of contribution.

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Who are the beneficiaries of the ONP withdrawal?

The proposal of the Congress Economic Commission indicates that ex-affiliates to the ONP can access the withdrawal of 100% of their accumulated contributions from the beginning of their work experience, provided they do not have a 20-year contribution.

Furthermore, active contributors may extraordinary withdraw the equivalent of up to 1 ITU (S / 4,300) due to the coronavirus health emergency.

What are the requirements to withdraw 100% of the ONP?

The opinion approved by the Congressional Economic Commission details that people who seek to withdraw 100% of their accumulated contributions in the Pension Normalization Office (ONP) must meet two requirements:

  • Being over 55 years old
  • Not having contributed 20 years to the National Pension System (SNP).

What is the deadline to withdraw the contribution?

According to the bill, the ONP will attend to requests submitted within a maximum period of 30 business days.

50% of the accumulated amount of the contributions will be returned within 30 working days from the favorable qualification of the application before the ONP and the other 50% after 60 working days computed from the first disbursement.

It should be noted that the bill must be approved in plenary session of Congress for it to come into force.

Why do specialists consider that the return of the ONP is unfeasible?

The holder of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (), María Antonieta Alva, He harshly referred to the project that he intends to return to the affiliates of the ONP your contributions.“To be able to legislate on pension systems, you have to know them well, and there is enormous ignorance about how the ONP works.”

It is not possible to return silver that does not exist. As we have explained several times, in a pay-as-you-go system, people’s contributions do not go to an individual account as in the AFPs, but go to pay the pensions of retirees.”, Alva said from the Government Palace.

This same idea is shared by the economist María Amparo Cruz Saco, Associate Researcher at the Universidad del Pacífico: “The State and the ONP do not have the funds to make this payment to the former contributors or to the insured at present “, he assured Economist María Amparo Cruz Saco, Associate Researcher at the Universidad del Pacífico.

“With the right hand, the contribution of the affiliated workers is collected, which is 13%, and with the left hand, benefits are paid to more than 250 thousand pensioner beneficiaries. Although there has been an effort by the ONP to improve its finances, the payment of these benefits is not enough, then there is a deficit that is financed with a current transfer of ordinary state resources ”, Cruz Saco indicated.

How do I check my ONP statement?

You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the ONP official portal: .
  • Go to the section What do you need? ONP services.
  • Find yourself in the section I am contributing.
  • Click on See Account Status of my Contributions.
  • Select the option See Statement of Contribution Account (DL No. 19990).

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What about my ONP fund?

What about my ONP fund?


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