Ekosea offers itself a window on the ocean

The crowdfunding platform for projects related to boardsports and the ocean now has a head office, 38 boulevard des Plages, to continue its development

When he chose to leave his native Brittany, in 2017, to transfer the headquarters to Anglet d’Ekosea, Maël Prudhomme already had in mind to develop a meeting space for project leaders. With Ekosea, he created the first – until then unique – crowdfunding platform for projects relating to the ocean, board sports and all outdoor disciplines, with a strong environmental impact.

For the past few weeks, Ekosea has had a physical storefront, 38, boulevard des Plages, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. An important step in the mind of Maël Prudhomme, who wanted to acquire an exhibition space to concretely show the creations of those who use the platform.

In the room that the Ekosea team, now eight people strong, has completely redesigned, there are surfboards, furniture, books and even an electric motorcycle. Each object is linked to an entrepreneurial adventure in line with Ekosea’s philosophy.

Believers and practitioners

This space also allows Maël Prudhomme to develop the other axis of his own project: that of advice, support and networking. In the team he has built around him, two people are dedicated to developing partnerships, one to support. There is also a project manager dedicated to crowdfunding requests, a community manager responsible for the showroom and a lawyer. “They and they have different backgrounds, but all are believers and practitioners,” laughs Maël Prudhomme.

In other words, all of them practice either surfing, or skateboarding, or snowboarding or some other sliding discipline. “This makes it possible to speak the same language as those who come to see us”, continues the former Breton sailor, passionate about sailing, naturalized Basque by his passion, just as strong, for surfing.

Promote initiatives

If he still pursues the ambition to give Ekosea a national scope, which is already the case and even international, Maël Prud’homme also wants to anchor it firmly in the Basque Country. It is for this purpose that he initiated in 2018, Ekosea pitch and go. Evenings during which he gave the chance to very young companies in connection with the principles of Ekosea, to present themselves and to highlight their initiative. Those selected by the jury received specific support from the platform.

Today, Maël Prudhomme wants to use the space at his disposal, for the same purpose: to promote emerging initiatives to the public, many hoped for, who will come to the Anglo -ese beaches during the summer. He also wants to include a market place in the platform, so that companies that request crowdfunding can also offer their items in presale.

“We’re not here to save the world, and neither are those who ask us. But each at our level, we try to find solutions to improve it, ”concludes Maël Prudhomme.

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