Eight individuals apprehended following massive clash of two clans in Devin.

8 people were arrested during a police action to prevent a fight between two clans on “Liberation” Street in Devin. The massive brawl took place during a special operation to combat conventional crime.

It involves the forces of the “Security Police” of the ODMVR-Smolyan, supported by gendarmerie units from Plovdiv. Police teams were immediately dispatched to the scene, as a result of which public order was restored and the escalation of the conflict prevented. Eight persons were detained in police custody for up to 24 hours. When checks were carried out at 16 addresses, two melee weapons – a machete – were seized, numerous acts were drawn up for established administrative violations. Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in the case, work on which continues.

The specialized police operation on the territory of the city of Devin continues at the moment.

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