EHA – Paris Rio New-York

“Paris Rio New York”, the third album of the quintet EHA, illustrates the multi-cultural scene of Paris in the 2000s.

Sulaiman Hakim, Andy Narell, Cacau & Rubinho Leandro Aconcha, Juan Manuel Forero & Mario Contreras, Mike Stern Damien Schmitt & Michel Alibo, Lionel Segui, Philippe Coignet & Minino Garay, © Philippe Coignet

The basic quintet of EHA (pronounced é-a), it is, around the guitarist and composer Philippe Coignet of EHA (prononcer é-a), Leandro Aconcha (Switzerland, keyboards), Queiroz Cocoa (Brazil, saxophones and flute), Michel Alibo (Martinique, bass) and Damien Schmitt (France, battery). For the third episode of the group’s adventures, a successful fusion of world music, jazz and funk, electric and acoustic sounds, Philippe Coignet called on a cast of resolutely transatlantic guests: Mike Stern (USA, guitare), Minino Garay (Argentina, percussion), Andy Narell (USA, steel pans), Mario Contreras (Chili, percussions, tiplé), Juan Manuel Forero (Colombia, percussion, vocals), Lionel Follow (France, trombone, tuba), Solomon Hakim (USA, sax), Rubinho Antunes (Brazil, trumpet)
(extract from the press release)

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