Egyptian satirist released after two years

Egypt has released satirical blogger Shadi Abu Zaid after two years. In 2018, the then 27-year-old Egyptian was arrested for spreading false information and membership in a terror group.

Human rights organizations and those close to the man have rejected that charge. In recent years, hundreds of activists, journalists and bloggers have been arrested and convicted on the same charges. Since President Sisi took office after a coup in 2013, the number of political prisoners has risen sharply, say NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

Shadi Abu Zaid started a satirical program on YouTube and Facebook in 2015, focusing on social prejudice, sexual harassment and religious issues. He was discredited when he blown up condoms for the fifth anniversary of the Arab Spring to police officers gave.

The comedian was stuck with no clarity about a trial, his lawyer says. Since his two-year custody has expired, a court ruled this month that Abu Zaid should be released. According to his lawyer, he was released yesterday and reunited with his family.

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