Egyptian Actress Ola Ghanem Comes Forward and Denies Husband’s Accusations: Claims Deception for 11 Years, Beginning with Falso Network

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian actress, Ola Ghanem, responded to the accusations made by her husband, after the disputes that led her to request divorce.

Ola Ghanem denied that her husband did not know about the divorce case that she filed against him, stressing that the case was filed two years ago.

network Fake

Ola Ghanem said, in her first appearance after her discharge from the hospital, with the media, Reham Saeed, on her program “Sabaya Al Shams”: “For 11 years of marriage, I have been under deception and a big lie, and a series of lies every day that grows, started with the Falso network, and I discovered it after about two months. From marriage, it’s glass.”

She added that he justified this by saying, “The jeweler robbed me, and it was all things that I did not believe, but I wanted to continue so that I would not fail in my marriage for the third time, and people’s words are very harsh.”

An experience full of lies and deceit

And she continued, “It was an experience full of lies and deceit, but I thought it could change, but unfortunately, he married me because I am an artist, not Ola Ghanem, the human being.”

Ghanem broke into a fit of crying on the air, saying: “It made me feel very humiliated, and I always asked him about the reason for his marriage to me, especially when he was against women while I was with him,” she said.

Attempts divorce

She explained, “I paid the price for my divorce 3 times. In 2018, I paid half of the money I had in America, about $80,000 for him, so that the divorce could take place quietly, but he took it and traveled to Egypt, and disappeared.”

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And she added, “He went to my house in Egypt, which is not his property, and asked my workers not to open the doors for me or my daughters when we came, and he raised the banner with my name on it and put another with his name on it.”

exposure for betrayal

And she continued, “I asked for a divorce for the second time, and I told him I will give you half the price of the house, because before American law, I would divide half of what I own with him,” noting that he betrayed her more than once with women, which made her refuse to continue living with him.

And she continued: “In 2022, I asked him for a third divorce, in exchange for a share in my company, so he entered into negotiations with me on the percentage, and we agreed that he would take 16%, and we signed our separation agreement in America.”

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