Egypt News Today .. The high prices of gold today and 21 karat record 780 pounds per gram

“The Seventh Day” has published a number of news during the past hours, in the forefront of which is the rise in gold prices for the second time today .. 21 caliber records 780 pounds per gram, as the price of gold witnessed Friday 3 pounds increase for the second time, after the international price of the yellow metal rose , To $ 1742 as investors buy the precious metal.

Tariq Suleiman, the former team doctor and Zamalek, was injured by “Corona”

Tariq Suleiman, the doctor of the national team and the former club of Zamalek, was infected with the Corona virus, after he came as a result of his positive tests after he was exposed to a health problem recently. Tareq Suleiman stayed in the hospital for 5 days and is currently serving an isolation period at home.

The Syrian ISIS “Abu Yaroub” was killed in a raid by the Libyan Air Force, west of Sirte

Libyan media confirmed the killing of the Syrian terrorist Samer al-Atrash, nicknamed “Abu Ya’rib al-Athri”, with a number of comrades of the militias of Turkey and al-Sarraj in Libya, after an air strike west of the city of Sirte.

The high price of gold for the second time today .. 21 caliber records 780 pounds per gram

The price of gold witnessed today, Friday, a rise of 3 pounds, for the second time, after the international price of the yellow metal rose to 1742 dollars, as investors bought the precious metal.

For high school students, know how to protect yourself from SK during the exam

High school exams start on June 21, and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced details and measures to protect students from the new Corona virus.

Video..Storage of Corona’s medication protocols: greed or increased fear?

The Corona crisis showed many positive aspects of community solidarity and the large number of philanthropy, but it revealed many negatives, most notably the storage of drugs used in the treatment of Covid 19, whether due to fear of its shortage or following wrong medical advice or for obtaining large financial profits in the near future.

Feiler leaves El Gouna with a “private plane” to visit his family in Switzerland and resolve Al-Ahly’s renewal

Rene Filer, the technical director of Al-Ahly, just left the city of Hurghada for his country to spend a vacation there that lasts from ten days to two weeks at the latest, during which he visits his family, and the Swiss coach traveled from Hurghada, specifically from El Gouna, on a private plane due to the flight conditions that were It will delay his travel back to his country from Cairo.

Ronaldo breaks the quarantine with a quick trip to Portugal before the Milan summit

Spanish press reports revealed that the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the Italian Juventus player, broke the quarantine rules for safety and health, after he traveled on a short trip to his country Portugal, despite the restrictions imposed on the players to protect them from infection of the new Corona virus, especially with the resumption of sports activity from new.

Sawiris presents 3 awards to his followers on Twitter .. He hopes to embody the role of Sheikh Hosni

Businessman Eng. Naguib Sawiris proposed the launch of a competition and a financial prize for the best three tweets for his followers through his account on Twitter, after one of the comments asked him to donate the amount of the money, where I wrote: “Why do you come, and the Fulwars are unaware of you and Jeff Uway works on a money without a reason.”

A survivor of the Ismaili massacre: the father committed the crime for suffering from a psychological crisis … pictures

A medical source at the Ismailia General Hospital, who received the family that the father had killed, and committed suicide in the city of Qantara, west of Ismailia, said that the mother, upon reaching the hospital, was conscious, and confirmed that it was her husband who attempted to kill the family and his brother’s wife, and then committed suicide by stabbing himself With the knife, due to suffering from mental illness.

Details of the crime of massacring a family in Ismailia and a sad news about Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s case … in the seventh day newsletter

The “Seventh Day” newsletter, on various site platforms of social media, provided a monitoring of the most important and recent local and international news on Friday.

Al-Azhar Observatory: The disclosure of marital secrets is prohibited and may lead to divorce

Al-Azhar World Center for Electronic Fatwa confirmed that one of the most common reasons for divorce is for the husband to find his friends who know the conversation that took place between him and his wife, after the silver sessions between the friends ’wives.

Video .. The most expensive 10 players in the English league

A group of well-known names top the list of the 10 most expensive players in the English league

What are the reasons for Al-Ahly not crowning the league if the competition was canceled? … The Football Association responds

Officials of the five-year committee of the Football Association refuse to announce a champion of the general league competition this season, in the event of an official decision to cancel the competition, and the five-year committee will hold a series of meetings with clubs in batches at the headquarters of Al-Jabaliyah during the next week, with the aim of reaching a final vision regarding the return of sports activity, after statements Sports Minister on the return of training early next July with the possibility of the return of competitions in next August.

Art stars challenge Corona to marry, and I know the most fortunate family in Ramadan “With Sahsah”

“With Sehsah” program, presented by the journalist writer Amr Sehsah, on Friday episode, presents many technical news that he presented sarcastically, during the episode he talks about the stars of art who faced the Corona virus in romance and marriage to them, Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Nelly Karim, and the details of the arrest On the husband of Iman Ramadan, the sister of the star Mohamed Ramadan, the episode of the program also touches on the most fortunate families in the month of Ramadan.

Endowments: The Friday sermon from the Sayyida Zainab Mosque will be held in the presence of 20 worshipers

The Ministry of Awqaf announced the transfer of the upcoming Friday prayer, on June 19, from the Sayyida Zainab Mosque (may God be pleased with her)


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