Egypt Falls Short of 4 Million Ton Target for Domestic Wheat Purchases

The government bought 4.2 million tons of local wheat last year

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A senior government official told Reuters today, Thursday, that Egypt will not achieve the target level of domestic wheat purchases of 4 million tons during the current season, which is about to end.

The Egyptian government usually buys wheat from April to July. Ministry of Supply documents showed that the government had bought 3.15 million tons as of June 7, down from 3.58 million on the same day last year.

The government bought a total of 4.2 million tons last year, from a target of at least 6 million.

Egypt is trying to increase its purchases of local wheat to reduce its import bill amid a dollar shortage. Egypt is among the largest importers of wheat in the world.

Last May, the Egyptian Minister of Supply, Ali Moselhi, announced the purchase of 1.2 million tons of local wheat since the start of the new supply season.

Al-Moselhi said in a statement that there is an increase in the quality of imported wheat and an increase in supply rates this year compared to the same period last year.

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2023-06-08 19:05:40

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