Egypt Closes Red Sea Beaches After Shark Attack on Tourist

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After the incident of a shark devouring a Russian tourist in the waters of the Red Sea, the Egyptian authorities took a new decision in this regard.

Major General Amr Hanafi, Governor of the Red Sea, decided to close the area extending from El Gouna in the north to Abu Soma Bay in the south, until the completion of the beach surveys.

The governor also decided not to engage in any marine activities such as fishing, diving, diving training, water games, parachute, and kitesurfing until the completion of the beach surveys and until next Sunday.

The governor called on all hotels and villages along the coast of the Red Sea governorate to appoint a sufficient number of qualified rescuers who have the necessary courses and certificates to follow up on the implementation of the decision.

The decision included the continuation of banning all fishing activities along the coast of the Red Sea governorate, and banning all types of recreational fishing carried out by pleasure boats inside Hurghada, and the rest of the cities in the south, starting from June 15.

The shark had devoured a Russian tourist in the Red Sea, south of Egypt, and killed him instantly.

It turned out, according to information obtained by, that the shark attacked the tourist group and devoured the Russian tourist and split his body in two. Half of the body was exhumed, while the authorities are still searching for the other half.

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