Egy Maulana Vikri shines in Slovakia, this is the reaction of Lechia Gdansk players

Egy Maulana Vikri is brilliant in Slovakia, this is the reaction of Lechia Gdansk players.

INDOSPORT.COM – Amazing appearance A Maulana Vikri together with the Slovak League’s highest caste club, FK Senica, it was immediately highlighted by Lechia Gdansk players.

As is known, Egy Maulana Vikri has just become a victory hero FK Senica over FK Pohroni in the seventh week of the Slovak League season 2021-2022, Sunday (12/09/21) early morning WIB.

Star Indonesian National team He was able to score one assist which made FK Senica win with a narrow score of 1-0.

After the match was over, Egy Maulana Vikri immediately uploaded a photo of himself celebrating via Instagram social media.

The post from Egy immediately received comments from a Lechia Gdansk player named Lukasz Zwolinski. The former Egy teammate commented “MVP” or Most Valuable Player.

The term is usually shown to a player who looks the best in a match.

Besides Lukasz Zwolinski, there were also comments from the Slovakian national team star named Lukas Haraslin.

The former Lechia Gdansk and Sassuolo player praised Egy Maulana Vikri by saying “Egy is the star of the future”.



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