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Interview with the clarinetist, director of the Latvian Music Information Center and the national sound recording company “Skani”. Egils Schaefer for wind quintet Carione creative news and sound recordings that have come out and are destined for release by a record company “delightful”which is in its seventh year this year and is just as prolific as the previous one, when it released 17 music albums, this year the release is scheduled for the 16th.

Also a Danish / Latvian wind quintet Carione, debuted successfully at the music festival in August Proms from the BBChas returned to the sound recording studio, where an album is being made with the quintet of Karl Nilsen composed 100 years ago at the center of the program, while the breadth of the other works – from the 13th century to the Latvian composer Renāte Stivriņa, about that commissioned work “Cilvēks bez valsts” Egīls Šefers says: “The piece was made for us, because in the ensemble we are musicians from four countries. It is full of hidden symbols, musical enigmas and the more we play, the more we like such deep music. “.

The work with Latvian music recordings in the Skani publishing house was also intense. Chorus of Latvian Radio Choir and conductor Sigvardas Kļavas received rave reviews from foreign countries Apple of the Jura Opera XENIA, which a Canadian critic called one of the most important records of the year. There is great interest in the world Jana Ivanova a series of symphonic recordings conducted by the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Guntas Kuzmas. The recordings of the 15th and 16th symphony have already received seven significant reviews internationally and the recordings of the 17th and 18th symphony, released in August, have been highly anticipated. Very soon, listeners will receive an album with the voice of Jānis Ivanov, recorded by the singers of the Latvian Radio Choir and Sigvards Kļava. It is hoped that the dream will come true in Rēzekne, in the embassy of Latgale GORS, ​​to play Ivanov’s fourth symphony “Atlantis”. Egils Schäfer:

“Today, we don’t appreciate serious music that requires immersion. I’m used to little information that hooks us for a brief moment, but we can’t sit down at a concert to hear a 35-minute symphony with great thought musically enclosed in a complicated orchestral score.

Jānis Ivanovs is a composer with a capital letter, which we ourselves did not appreciate very much, but the international audience is and is waiting for each new arrangement “.

The first jazz music album will soon be released under the aegis of “Skani” with recordings by the trio of Kārļis Auziņš, Matīš Čudars and Ivars Arutjunjans.

Already on September 30, the album “Uģis Prauliņš. THE ARMED MAN“, whose recording was performed by the author himself, the ensemble Ancient art of RigaVairis Nartišs and Kaspars Majors (sakbuti) and Jānis Pelše (organ).

Egils Šefers on the Mass of Uģis Prauliņš: “It is a symbolic work. Uģis Prauliņš is one of the composer-prophets whose work was created before the pandemic and before the war, when nothing we have experienced today had yet begun But the composer, like the subtle man of matter, lives in another reality and hears these signals of what is to come and announces it in music even earlier.

In Mesa, Prauliņš speaks of the gunman, both from the point of view of darkness and light, because he can bring both liberation and destruction. Which side to take is everyone’s choice.

Even for me, as a soldier, when I listen to this piece, I think a soldier is on a very fine and sharp line, and it’s up to you which side you are on. Weapons are enormous power and a huge responsibility when it comes to controlling life and death, yours and that of others. People don’t deal with it every day. And that’s what this work tells us about and reminds us of these important questions “.

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