Edyta Grniak wants to get a church divorce? The singer dispelled all doubts

Edyta Górniak one wedding is already behind him. In 2005, the singer married Dariusz K., but their love did not stand the test of time. The couple divorced in 2010 and have had no contact since then. It’s no secret that the singer is a very religious person, so recently Information appeared about her planned church divorce. As it turns out, these are just rumors that have nothing to do with reality, which was confirmed by the person concerned.

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Edyta Górniak does not want a church divorce

Edyta Górniak recorded Instastory, in which she directly referred to the circulating rumors about a church divorce.

I heard that I urgently need a church divorce. It’s not true, I don’t need any divorce. I have no time for this and I have no reason at all, said the artist.

The singer added that she does not plan to get married at all, so she simply does not need a divorce.

I could possibly consider it if I were planning to get married again, but I don’t. So I don’t need it at all. And at the moment I don’t even have my head on it – she added.

Do you think that Edyta Górniak will still change her mind about marriage?

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