Edy Rahmayadi Calls the Deputy Regent of Humbahas: Are you having an affair?

Medan, CNN Indonesia —

Governor of North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi responding to the issue of an alleged affair that dragged the Deputy Regent Humbang Hasundutan (Wabup Humbahas) Oloan Nababan with a ASN in the North Sumatra Provincial Government.

The former chairman of PSSI admitted that he had called Oloan Nababan to directly clarify the widely circulated issue. At that time, he said, Oloan admitted that he was not having an affair.

“I just called him, ‘are you having an affair?’ Oh, for God’s sake, sir, there’s no such thing,” said Edy, imitating the conversation, Thursday (26/8).

Edy said infidelity cases are difficult to prove. Especially if the parties want the same. According to Edy, the allegations of infidelity should be resolved by the police.

“It’s hard to prove this cheating. Cheating or wanting to be together,” said Edy.

“But if it is proven, we will. We will see the process in the police,” said Edy.

It is known that an ASN of the North Sumatran Provincial Government with the initial S reported Arjun Permana’s Facebook account to the North Sumatra Police because he was accused of being an affair with Deputy Regent Humbang Hasundutan (Humbahas) Oloan Nababan.

The account wrote about the issue of infidelity between the Deputy Regent of Humbahas, Oloan Nababan and S. The woman is said to be the head of the field in one of the services in the North Sumatra Provincial Government.

“Is it appropriate for a man who is already married to have affection for another woman? Moreover, he is a deputy regent. The deputy regent should lead the people well,” wrote Arjun Permana.

Arjun Permana also uploaded a photo of Oloan Nababan with S. The post went viral on social media. S then reported Arjun Permana’s account to the North Sumatra Police with the number LP/B/1341/VIII/2021/SPKT/North Sumatra Police dated August 24, 2021.

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