Edwige Diaz, head of the National Assembly list, is “ready to preside over the region” Nouvelle-Aquitaine

For his first day of campaigning for the regional elections, Edwige Diaz, head of the National Rally list, had chosen a trip to Haute-Vienne. The opportunity also to meet, in the company of Jacques Colombiers, co-president of the group within the regional assembly and former European deputy, the departmental officials of the party.

“I handed over my first campaign leaflet this Saturday morning on the Saint-Junien market where we received a very good reception,” says Edwige Diaz, co-president of the RN group within the current assembly. 50,000 more are ready for distribution. Then, we met farmers from the Châlus sector who set up an anaerobic digestion unit. All this corresponds to our desire to bring “localism” into our policies. Produce and consume locally. “

Urgently reopen universities

Saturday afternoon, the RN candidate met students. “The results of the devices carried by the Region are insufficient and miss the target. Too many of them did not benefit from food packages financed by the Region. In Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, 4 million euros are allocated to this operation. In Brittany, you just need to present your student card to claim it. In New Aquitaine, a few hundred thousand euros have been released and a file must be put together. We are proposing to create a solidarity fund with the sums intended for the training of unaccompanied minor migrants, most of whom are adults, and that the universities be reopened as a matter of urgency. “

Squat and immigration

Edwige Diaz also alerted the voters met to the arrival of some of the 300 squatters evacuated from Cenon in Gironde. “Limoges, Guéret, Angoulême will welcome them. The solution is not to distribute them in the region but to expel them because they are in an irregular situation. “

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Current affairs will guide the campaign

Edwige Diaz’s campaign will revolve around regional news. “There is no lack of subjects: immigration, rail with the Pau-Canfranc line that we are fighting, wind power offshore in Oléron, the basins in Poitou. We are ready to lead the Region. I am ready to be president and to manage it with good sense. “

Jacques Colombier, who does not yet know whether he will be a candidate for a sixth term, assures us that the program has been “built in line with the proposals and amendments that we bring and which are systematically challenged by sectarianism”.

This Sunday, Edwige Diaz is in Creuse for the second stage of his campaign.

For his first day of campaigning, Edwige Diaz, was accompanied by Jacques Colombier, co-president of the RN group at the regional council, and Albin Freychet, party delegate in Haute-Vienne and likely head of the departmental list during the elections.

Edwige Diaz will head the list for the National Rally in the regional elections in New Aquitaine

Olivier Chapperon


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