Education. The World Bank grants an additional $200 million to Morocco

The World Bank (WB) has just granted an additional $200 million to Morocco, as part of the deployment of the Education Sector Support Program. The support of the WB thus increases to 700 million dollars (500 million previously).

In a recent document, the World Bank underlines its desire to support the kingdom in the deployment of this key project, extending the duration of the Programme from 1is September 2024 to June 30, 2026.

The funding aims to implement more ambitious reform that supports the monitoring and evaluation of results, and the promotion of evidence-based policymaking. This reform will make it possible to focus more on the qualifications of teachers, to measure the quality of education in young children, as well as the adoption of a more flexible education system at the level of governance.

On this point, the World Bank indicates that “Morocco has made great social and economic progress over the past two decades thanks to political stability… However, despite these achievements, the growing aspirations of Moroccans, especially young people, remain unsatisfied”.

The program, which aims to support improved educational outcomes, will receive financing from the IFC in the form of a results-based program loan, with loan repayments contingent on the achievement of results.

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