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As part of Education Remains, concepts have been developed at the vocational schools that respond to the needs of the local population in such a way that we are now committed to their dissemination in the region. At the Instituto Tecnológico Charcas in San Pedro de Buena Vista, for example, the prototype of a smoke-free cooking zone was created. This reduced the harmful smoke exposure and the high wood requirement when cooking, where previously traditionally cooked over open fires were used, with increased respiratory diseases as a result. The agricultural training branch of the Instituto Tecnológico Sayarinapaj in Cochabamba took on the problems of water scarcity and food poverty. School gardens with drip irrigation were created, which enable the cultivation of a variety of foods even during the 6-month dry season. The projects Sumaj Kausay and Food Security take up these results from the school courses and make the developed technologies accessible to the residents of Micanis on a larger scale. So be about education stays  the chances of these young adults improved and at the same time the quality of life in the whole Micani region increased sustainably.

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