[Education] Minister Dookun increasingly targeted

She is the most unpopular minister at the moment. The discontent being such in the education sector that his resignation is demanded from all sides.

Yesterday, in front of the building housing the headquarters of his ministry, students, parents, teachers and the usual demonstrators agreed, like a Steinway & Sons piano, to demand his resignation. Everyone had their reasons and arguments. Some School Certificate students contest the criterion of 5 compulsory credits. Their parents too!

Other students bemoan the rising costs of exams, especially those who have to tackle them again. Their parents too! There is also the cost of a new proofreading. This factor has also been denounced. There are also teachers who were present at the demonstration. We don’t really know why!

Finally, there are those who are used to demonstrating. These do not need any particular reason to take to the streets and demand the resignation of an elected official. But let us note that Bruneau Laurette, leader of Linion Sitwayin Morisien, also present called for the revision of the education system. It is imperative!



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