Education in Pink # 4: Body. To learn. To play.

Education in Pink # 4: Body. To learn. To play.

We reflect with our two guests what connects the body, learning and playing and talk about shame, social power relations and how these are reflected in our body. We say: “Failure cheerful” and talk about “making mistakes” and the chance to be able to make new decisions again and again. We think playfully about changes and throw different perspectives on the opportunities and limits of resistance.

Deniz Döhler, German-Turkish play and theater pedagogue, co-founder of the non-profit AuJA leeway gUG (hb) – Upbringing and promoting autistic children and adolescents.
Co-author of AuJA – Accepting Autism and Action.
Speaker on the topics of autism, language education, intercultural communication, improvisational theater and inclusion.

Dr. Aki Krishnamurthy, able bodied woman of color, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, theater activist, feminist. She has been a freelance empowerment trainer, theater and dance teacher since 2007, mostly with a specific focus on gender relations and / or racism in different contexts (South America, Caucasus, India, Germany) and is convinced that personal, social and political changes can be made by and with the Body need to be thought of. She received a doctoral scholarship from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and did her doctorate at the Johann Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and won the doctoral thesis competition of the Barbara Budrich Verlag and the Cornelia Goethe Prize. She is currently a consultant for Anti-racism and empowerment at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin.


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