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Many parents think about the time after the Christmas break with concern. They fear another school year could be affected by the corona pandemic. District Administrator Martin Bayerstorfer announced at the annual press conference that the district wants to guarantee the technical requirements for schools in its sponsorship, which are necessary for both face-to-face and digital lessons.

An engineering office and the maintenance companies for the ventilation systems checked the district schools’ ventilation systems, if any, before the start of school in 2020/2021 and adjusted them accordingly so that there is in fact no mixing of new and stale air and the air exchange can take place without the risk of infection. “We have ensured that CO₂ traffic lights are installed in all classrooms in the schools where the district is responsible for material costs,” emphasized Bayerstorfer. A total of 500 so-called CO₂ traffic lights have been procured with a measuring range of up to 3000 ppm. From a concentration of 1000 ppm in the room air, ventilation is required. The delivery had already started last week, so that all district schools will be equipped with it by the scheduled start of school on January 11th.

The district has also tested five different air purification devices at the Anna-Frank-Gymnasium in daily operation in the past few weeks. The district’s aim was to procure only the devices that can filter a sufficient virus load, allow reasonable teaching and fall under the state’s funding criteria. After an extensive test phase, the most suitable model was selected. A funding application has been drawn up and a tendering process has been issued for 27 air purification devices. The devices are scheduled to be installed in the relevant classrooms at the end of January or beginning of February without adequate ventilation.

During the corona pandemic, digital teaching is also gaining in importance. Therefore, a major technology offensive will ensure that distance lessons can be carried out at the highest technical level. So far, the Korbinian-Aigner-Gymnasium, FOS / BOS, the Gymnasium Dorfen and the agricultural college would have a school-wide WLAN infrastructure. This will also be expanded in the other schools in the first quarter of 2021. In the coming months, six more district schools, the Anne Frank Gymnasium, the Katharina Fischer School, vocational school and gastro center, Realschule Taufkirchen and Herzog Tassilo Realschule will be fully equipped with WLAN access, so that all district schools have a nationwide WLAN would have. For this you have set almost a million euros in the budget. Furthermore, the key assignments were higher than originally estimated. The additional funds will also be invested in the schools, among other things in the high-quality air washing devices and in the improvement of livestream options.

Furthermore, the district schools were equipped with new digital loan devices during the corona pandemic to enable lessons from home. For this purpose, the district office asked all district schools in advance about the required student rental equipment. As a result, 390 iPads and 138 notebooks with laptop standard were procured. These are intended for students who cannot access suitable devices at home. The funds necessary for the purchase come from the special federal budget for school loan equipment. As a rule, depending on the schools, ten to 30 other mobile devices are already available that can be issued if necessary.

The district was awarded the title “Digital Educational Region” in April last year. The district is constantly expanding its educational landscape and had already taken care of the expansion and modernization of the facilities before the corona pandemic, said District Administrator Bayerstorfer.


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