Education for sure! – A report from the World Health Network – Pirate Party Germany

A contribution by Sandra Leurs and Jonas Wessel of the AG Gesundheit + Pflege

The first large German panel within the #Worldhealthnetwork took place on Wednesday, September 9th, 2021 and on Sunday, September 5th, 2021. The course of the events was as follows: First, various experts such as Prof. Dr. Matthias F. Schneider [1a,1b], Prof. Dr. Menno Baumann [2], Prof. Dr. Christian J. Kähler [3], Dr. Vera Leininger [4], Dr. Jana Schroeder [5], Dr. Markus Beier [6], Dr. Roshan Mamarvar [7], Dr. Cornelius Fischer [8] & Dipl.jur. Martin Becker [9] above Safe Education & Safe Schools [10]. With their core topics, everyone pointed out the risk that a corona infection can leave traces in children and adults and what causes it, and how learners and teachers can be protected from infection with the Delta variant.

On 5.9. a question and answer session followed, in which one could divide oneself into different areas. Jonas, member of the Working Group Health + Care and the Working Group Education of the Pirate Party Germany, took part in the area of ​​test-related questions and gained information there about savespaces and their necessity, especially in the field of education and daycare centers:

“Obviously, vaccinations and recovery greatly reduce the incidence of infections. Nevertheless, there is still a residual risk of becoming infected, and we must not shift the social burdens on to the younger ones, who are not allowed to be vaccinated because of their age. Everyone has a right to privacy and, like Dr. Cornelius Fischer explained [11] we need a uniform and comprehensive test infrastructure nationwide [12]which enables quick action in the form of quarantine and contact tracing in the event of infection. For this purpose, it should be possible for those involved in public facilities and transport, such as educational establishments and train stations, to have themselves tested with PCR tests every 3 days at the latest. “

Added to this Sandra Leurs, topic officer of the working group health + carewho participated in the question area “Safe Education”:

“It is possible to protect the children from infection. We PIRATES have been calling for this since the beginning of the pandemic, but the current policy is unwilling. Many parents and voters would like to see compulsory attendance suspended in the event of high incidences among children and adolescents, which are now increasing more and more. The summer holidays in the whole of Germany are coming to an end, but prevention such as air filters or tests have not been purchased or will be shortened depending on the federal state. The children in Germany are exposed to the danger of the virus. The term contamination is used here quite often. Infection is of course the wrong route with regard to LongCovid in children, as 6% of children [12] eg in Canada suffer from it. In addition, many parents would like their children to have a vaccination even when they are younger than 12 years. This is usually decided by the pediatrician, on the responsibility of the parents, because in the off label [14] would it be possible. But the paediatricians and the associations of pediatricians in Germany disagree on the recommendation. “

We build on a secure future and want to show the children as well as possible. Because child protection is our future. And when we say that, we mean it. Why now, when the approval of a vaccine is within reach even for children under 12 years of age [15], nor the risk of infection is taken by politicians, is incompatible with their duty to protect its citizens. Pirates explicitly praise the commitment of citizens who are part of the safecircles group [16] network regularly.

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