Education during the holidays: 13th urban language camp in the forest school

Iserlohn. For the 13th time, the municipal language camp took place during the autumn break this year. Around thirty pupils from the primary schools Im Wiesengrund, Südschule and Burgschule took part and spent their autumn holidays in the woods and on the meadows of the forest school in the Märkisches Kreis. The learning place nature offered the children, who mostly come from Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Poland and Turkey, intensive and holistic learning opportunities.

The forest and nature are a stimulating and healthy learning area, especially in these times. The children played language games or hiked together. Dana from 4th grade was full of admiration: “I’ve never been to the forest, it’s nice here.” And Hasan said: “My dad also wants to come to the language camp and learn German here.”

For many children it is an adventure every year to be outside for such a long period of time and to experience nature with all their senses and to get to know many new words in the process. The participants of this year’s language camp, for example, collected newly learned words in “word glasses”. The group leaders also offered small workshops and stations. There the kids made binoculars, forest spirits or forest harps, for example, and made soap and “forest perfume”.

The camp took place for the 8th time in cooperation with the forest school MK eV and was, as always, excellently accompanied and supported by the certified forest educator Axel Dohmen, forester Ronja Martens and by Jonas Pyplo, a student at the vocational college for agriculture and forestry. The participants of the language camp were fed with a warm lunch in the new green classroom, this time by the business catering Machado Pereira.

The language camp was organized and professionally supported by Jana Marek from the Generations and Social Affairs department of the city of Iserlohn. The well-rehearsed team worked with: Anne Bergfeld, the new head of the camp, and Maria Gandul, Alin Geitmann-Rompza, Lea Karoline Gorges, Kathrin Jäger and Krista Krampe. They were supported by the intern Moritz Jäger.

The ten-day language camp ended on Friday, October 23rd. Then the children received their certificates and their forest notebooks. With this you have a “document” in hand to tell what you have experienced and to consolidate the language. Unfortunately, due to the corona, the parents’ invitation on the last day had to be waived this year.

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