Educ’Agrifood, launch of a national consultation on food education


“Do our children know how to eat well? To answer this question, Open Agrifood, in association with My Citizen Opinion, launched on April 6, a national consultation. This is part of the Educ’Agrifood program carried by the think-tank, aimed at including food education in school curricula.

By Sabrina beaudoin – Published on 04/07/2021 at 14:28


To register food education within school programs, from kindergarten to 12th grade, this is the objective ofEduc’Agrifood. The project is led by the Open Agridood think-tank. The idea was born following the 2020 edition of the Open Agrifood forum. “Action 40 of the Agrifood plan, a unified and collaborative roadmap for the French food industry, was elected as a decisive action for the food transition”, specifies the structure.

Cook, grow, taste and choose

In this program, four fields of learning were highlighted: learning to cook, cultivate, taste and choose. The “cultivating” component includes skills to be acquired such as knowing the seasonality of fruits and vegetables, the way they are grown, knowing the different agricultural techniques, the major issues related to food and the price of the main foods. “To become an accomplished adult, it is as important to know how to eat well as to know how to read, write or count”, pleads the Open Agrifood.

28 questions about feeding our children

Since April 6, it is possible to participate in the Educ’Agrifood project, by responding to the citizen consultation. From families’ eating habits, to children’s knowledge of food, including the quality of school canteens or actors in the educational transmission of food: in total, 28 questions await answers. For example, do you take the time to cook “home”? or what is the most important meal of the day?

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In a few weeks the results will be sent to public decision-makers. They will be presented in May.

On the My Citizen Opinion site, two consultations are available, the first addressed to parents and grandparents, the second to teachers.

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