Edson Álvarez does not play in Ajax because they do not know if it is defense or medium

Juan Manuel Figueroa

Guadalajara Jalisco / 10.02.2020 19:19:28

The problem with Edson Álvarez is that Ajax may not know in which position to use it. and so the minutes have gone less for the Mexican, according to an old acquaintance of the Dutch club as it is Frank de Boer.

In Guadalajara for the friendly game that Atlanta United – which he directs – will have against the Black Lions at the Jalisco Stadium, the coach talked about the present of the Machin in Holland.

“It’s normal for me to have to adapt to any other culture or league, I think Álvarez maybe also has a little problem with that, but he is a very good player and has taught his level in important games with important goals. Maybe the club still has doubt if it is better in midfield or central, but I am sure that it will show its quality in recent months, “said Boer.

It takes a year to adapt to another culture: De Boer on Edson

Adapting to another football, country, language and customs is a process that can take at least one year, according to Frank de Boer, who in his brilliant career as a footballer left Ajax and played for Barcelona.

“It’s always hard, I’ve seen so many times when a player comes to another culture he has to adapt, usually it costs a year and so you don’t have to panic about something like that because he has shown here in the Liga MX and in some games with Ajax that he is a very good player, so I have no doubt that he can play very well, “said the Dutchman.

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“The training there is very high level so it will be better next season, we must be patient with him and sure will be very good player with Ajax“.

Edson Alvarez add 18 matches of 30 possible both in the Eredivisie as the Cup and the Champions, where he scored two goals but was eliminated in the Group Stage. The problem is that in the League it only has 459 minutes.


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