EDP ​​rejects responsibility for pole fall that killed man in Barcelos

Barcelos Rooster is one of the heroes of the children’s series “Panda and the Rooster,” which premiered this week on China‘s state-run children’s television channel. [ver aqui os episódios].

According to a statement from China Central Television (CCTV, the series brought together the animation department of the Chinese state-owned company and Portuguese producer Stopline, created by Leonel Vieira.

“The Panda and the Rooster”. Photo: Press Release / CCTV

In 52 episodes, “The Panda and the Rooster” tells the adventures of Panda Hehe and Barcelos Rooster, described by CCTV as “a popular and auspicious animal and the mascot of Portugal”.

The series was designed to “integrate characteristic elements and the cultures of China and Portugal”, underlines Chinese television. The character of Barcelos rooster appears playing football and has a grandfather who plays Portuguese guitar.

“The Panda and the Rooster”. Photo: Press Release / CCTV

“Panda and the Rooster” can help “Chinese children learn more about the multicultural world,” says the CCTV.

Although it does not mention plans to broadcast the series in Portugal, the statement said it could also “tell Chinese stories to the world”.

“The Panda and the Rooster”. Photo: Press Release / CCTV

“Panda and the Rooster” is part of a series of international co-productions called Panda +, which has already joined CCTV producers in the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Russia and South Africa.

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