Editorial: until when? – Journal L’Economiste du Faso

Editorial: until when?  – Journal L’Economiste du Faso

LSeptember 30, 2023 coincides with the advent of MPSR2. Ibrahim Traoré and his brothers in arms have decided, in 2022, to put an end to Damiba’s MPSR1 experiment. A sort of “barracks revolution”, to breathe new life into the fight against terrorism and free the territory from evil hordes. The speech was warlike, and the desire to put an end to it was real. And this is what boosted the social base of the movement. MPSR 1 did not have time to take stock, swept away after only 8 months of governance. The MPSR2, for its part, is reaching a milestone. But what will he present to us at his hunting table? Let’s stick to the findings. The main thing is that the country is definitely at war. It is the priority of priorities which mobilizes all the energies and resources of the country. An exceptional war effort was asked of the people who invested in it as best they could. 34 billion FCFA already mobilized, the FDS and VDP are better equipped and their firepower is pushing back the enemy on certain areas. While waiting for the mapping of territorial reconquests, the tragedies of Bourzanga and Koumbri remind us that we are still in tough times. Until when ?

Par Abdoulaye TAO

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