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The myth then the case, and now the flight. Carlos Ghosn is already in history. The man who straightened Renault and Nissan, whom Japan adulated before accusing him of massive financial fraud and misuse of corporate property, will end his life as an international fugitive. By escaping Japanese justice, probably forever, Carlos Ghosn will remain a suspect forever.

He could still be sued by French justice, which is investigating certain payments ordered by Renault … and the financing of his sumptuous marriage in 2016 in Versailles. But nothing comparable to what awaited him before the Japanese courts. So far, Carlos Ghosn has been able to wrap himself in the costume of a man burdened with biased justice. While fleeing, the suspect accuses himself.

“By escaping Japanese justice, probably forever, Carlos Ghosn will forever remain a suspect” “

Will we ever know the truth about this gifted man, very charismatic but with the practices of a megalomaniac who behaved like an all-powerful head of state? Will we ever know why Nissan and its lieutenants decided to take the admired boss who saved them from industrial bankruptcy to justice? Who are Carlos Ghosn’s accomplices?

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No one can imagine that such a spectacular escape could have taken place without the highest level of complicity. Beyond the responsibilities of the main accused, one cannot help seeing this escape as a twist that settles the two French and Japanese automobile groups. Nissan and Renault feared the trial of Carlos Ghosn. Because if the former boss of the conglomerate fell, it is not only because of his remuneration and his lifestyle, but also because he played a decisive arm wrestling between the Japanese shareholders and the French state.

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The battle for power is still not over and is likely to start again at any time. A climate of mistrust remains between the protagonists. A trial and the unpacking of questionable practices? The shareholders could only fear it. Because
the Ghosn case was born out of a power struggle that could only be a criminal outcome.

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Created: 02.01.2020, 22h24

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