Edition Thionville – Hayange | Social aid, masks …: solidarity in action

The ladies of the Social Economy Family group of the prevention club led by Apsis Emergence have decided to take charge of solidarity in the city of Guénange. In fact, their contacts brought them up to the particularly delicate situation of certain families, due to confinement and the absence of income other than social. They therefore carried out food collections both in the town’s shops and by appealing for solidarity after residents. Since then, in collaboration with the CCAS team, twenty-two food essential packages have already been delivered, much to the relief of the beneficiaries. Donations can be dropped off every afternoon at the local association 2A, allée des Coquelicots.

In parallel with this ongoing operation, the ladies of the couture group, after collecting fabric coupons, have embarked on the production of masks that comply with standards. A real small business where each one plays its very precise role: measurements, cutting, shaping then sewing.

Finally, for a fortnight, the association’s professionals have tackled a problem directly linked to the confinement of young people. In liaison with the teachers of primary schools and those of the René-Cassin college, they identified the young people in total dropout. After contacting them and the parents, a review revealed the difficulties encountered. Since then, three computers have been loaned and printing and delivery of lessons for others has been completed. Homework helpers were also taken up in small groups in the afternoons. Finally, to allow single mothers with children to take an hour of respite, an animation service is responsible for picking up and looking after the children during this break.

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