Edition Thionville – Hayange | Reopening on June 2: a restaurant, that tells you?

It’s a big sigh of relief for a whole profession, stopped at midnight on March 14. Thursday, May 28, Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister, announced the reopening of restaurants and cafes. A much awaited decision, especially since Luxembourg had already given the green light since Wednesday for the terraces and Friday for all the others. In Thionville, as elsewhere, now is the time to mobilize the forces and reorganize. “The wait is considerable. As of yesterday evening (Thursday), I registered a lot of reservations for Tuesday noon and I am already almost full on Mother’s Day, “says Bruno Clément, manager of Moulins Bleus.

“Four hours to close, twenty-four to reopen”

“We were given four hours to close and there we are given twenty-four to reopen. To organize at the last minute is to misunderstand the constraints of our business, “hisses Didier Delaneaux, of the Black and White restaurant, who plans to reopen only between June 9 and 12. “On the one hand, there is the desire to resume and on the other, we know that we will not be able to work as before, rightly so. We are in the middle of a debriefing with the team. We have to reinvent everything, ”continues Lionel Gallois of Les Sommeliers restaurant.

“We are going to lose space and therefore turnover. We’re going to leave feathers there ”

An essential question: supply

“No more cards, but disposable sets with the menu above, no salt or pepper shakers on the tables, but condiments in sachets like Mac Do, systematic disinfection of tables and chairs, masked staff, spaced tables … And above all minimalist menu, at least for the first few days, ”explains Bruno Clément. Because the question of supply is essential for all catering professionals, who fear that they will not be able to be delivered in such a short time. “It will require gestures that we are not used to doing. We will have to get used to it. We already manage the passage for the withdrawal of customers from takeout, we can manage the reopening, “said Sylvia Cristina, manager of the delicatessen and Fine-S restaurant.

“We are going to lose space and therefore turnover”

A table out of two will now be the rule in force. A measure which, if understood by professionals in the sector, gives rise to legitimate concerns. “We are going to lose space and therefore turnover. We’re going to leave feathers behind, “said Lionel Gallois. “Until then we were infused by the state – partial unemployment, postponement of charges – but as soon as it takes the needle off our arms, there will be a wave of layoffs, warns Didier Delaneaux. We are studying the possibility of organizing two services, but I find it hard to imagine that customers should eat in one hour. In principle, when you enter a restaurant, it is to take advantage of the moment and take your time, not to eat with a slingshot. “

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