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Edition Metz and agglomeration | Spectacular accident: Clio flies away, two seriously injured

A motorist who loses control of his vehicle, rolls over before literally flying away and passes over a scooter that was traveling around the roundabout. These are the main lines of the spectacular accident that occurred this Sunday, May 31, shortly before 8 p.m., at the corner of rue du Ruisseau and rue de Thionville, in Woippy.

The Renault Clio was said to come from Rombas and was heading for Metz when the driver, a 36-year-old Messin, suddenly lost control of his vehicle.

The car hits the fountain and rolls over

At first, the Clio hits the barrier at the entrance to the roundabout then climbs onto the central island before tapping the fountain. The vehicle projected forward crosses the fountain, bounces on the opposite ledge before performing several barrels and passing over a scooter in circulation in the roundabout. The car finishes its race immobilized on the roof, route de Thionville.

The driver of the car was ejected during the accident after the door opened. When rescue workers arrived, he was on the sidewalk.

Rescue passenger

As for his passenger, an apparently sixty-year-old man, he had to be rescued by the emergency services. Conscious, the two involved were taken care of by the emergency services and transported to Mercy hospital where they are still on Monday morning.

The passenger, who had no papers with him, has since been placed in intensive care. As for the driver, subjected to an alcoholic test which turned out to be positive, he would suffer in particular from a head trauma.

An investigation is underway at the Metz police station to determine the circumstances of this accident which could be due to excessive speed. Many witnesses attended the accident and are expected to be heard soon. The two occupants of the Clio will be as soon as their state of health allows.

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