EDITING: Pilsen – Sparta 3: 1. Victoria dominated, Bucha did not give a penalty

The footballers of the Prague Sparta lost 1: 3 in Pilsen in the 7th round of the first league, hesitated for the first time in the current season of the highest competition after the previous six wins and fell to second place in the table by one point behind the championship Slavia.


Homemade: 7. Bucha, 34. Ondrášek, 45 + 1. Hey

Guests: 90 + 3. Ladislav Krejčí Jr.


Homemade: A. Hruška – M. Havel, Hejda, Brabec (C), Limberský – Bucha, Kalvach, Al. Čermák (74. Alvir) – Ba Loua (74. Kayamba), J. Kopic (90. Káčer) – Ondrášek (78. Beauguel).

Guests: Nita – Plechatý, Pavelka, Hancko (63. Trávník) – Vindheim, Ladislav Krejčí jr., Sáček (70. Karabec), Dočkal (C), Ladislav Krejčí st. (63. Matěj Hanousek) – Juliš, Polidar (63. Plavšić).


Homemade: Stanek, Kayamba, Beauguel, Kovarik, Pernica, Kacer, Alvir

Guests: Heča, Lischka, Hanousek, Trávník, Souček, Plavšić, Karabec


Homemade: Al. Čermák, Kalvach, Káčer

Guests: Plechatý, Ladislav Krejčí Jr., Sáček, Vindheim


Franek – Blazej, Kriz


Doosan Arena, Pilsen

Pavel Bucha, Zdeněk Ondrášek and Lukáš Hejda scored goals in the first half, just before the end Ladislav Krejčí Jr. reduced. Viktoria from the third place loses two points on Sparta and three points on Slavia. The Letna team lost to the West Bohemian rival in the league for the fifth time in a row and 11 matches have been waiting for victory in Pilsen since August 2011.

Plzeň played the first match from October 4 and draws 2: 2 in Olomouc, on the contrary, Sparta completed three duels in the European League group during the interruption of the highest competition due to coronavirus, where they last defeated Celtic Glasgow 4: 1 on Thursday. But while Viktor stepped in full force, guests again lacked several supports, including midfielder Karlsson, who tested positive for covid-19 on Friday.

The home team opened the score in the seventh minute. Faulting defender Plechatý found Čermák during an unsuccessful pass, who sent Buch to escape and the Pilsen midfielder threw the run-off goalkeeper Nita.

EDITING: Pilsen – Sparta 3: 1. The demolition of Letenské, Viktoria dominated by a great performance

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The West Czechs controlled the game, did not let their opponents into the chance and increased it to 2: 0 in the 34th minute. Uncovered Ondrášek made his way through the tough volley around the Limber shackle center at the age of sixteen.

Viktoria crowned the excellent first half with the third goal in the set time. The ball fell from the corner kick to Hejd and the home defender hit the former club close in a slip. For the third time in a separate league, Sparta lost the opening half by a three-goal difference, the last time this happened to the people of Prague 19 years ago in Blšany.

The Plzeň team could have increased in the 57th minute, but Kalvach shot a bit from a direct kick. Shortly after the next home standard, Kopic headed to the crossbar.

The Spartans continued to search and did not threaten the goalkeeper Hruška at all, they played the first corner in the 71st minute. Shortly afterwards, Nita caught Kopice on the other side.

The midfielder Viktoria was still fouled in the penalty area by the alternating Hanousek, but Nita neutralized Buch’s ordered penalty. Only then did the Spartans come under more continuous pressure. Karabcov’s shot was pulled out by Hruška, Plavšič hit the crossbar and in the third minute, Ladislav Krejčí Jr. reduced the setting with an accurate shot.

Thus, Plzeň did not have a premier net account in this league year, but it also won the thirteenth competitive match at home under the leadership of coach Guľa.

Key moments of the match

Pilsen – Sparta: The only shot of the guests at the goal, Karabec’s dotted shot was covered by Hruška

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Pilsen – Sparta: Bucha did not change the penalty! Nita made a weak attempt

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Pilsen – Sparta: Hanousek stopped Kopice illegally, penalty after VAR!

video-wrapper" id="jw-video-wrapper--content-videoInArt_6651144" aria-label="cs">

Pilsen – Sparta: Kopic left Buch in an excellent position, his wound blocked

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Plzeň – Sparta: The lawn leaned into the ball from behind the lime, the shot was aimed high above

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Pilsen – Sparta: Břevno! Kopička’s head was stopped only by the goal construction

Pilsen – Sparta: Kalvach’s ground floor standard aimed right next to it

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Pilsen – Sparta: Ba Loua could go alone to Nita, Sáček stopped him

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Pilsen – Sparta: Falling in the lime after Dočkal’s center, but it was not a penalty

Plzeň – Sparta: Hejda got to the corner first, the home team are already leading 3: 0!

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Pilsen – Sparta: Parade of Limberský with Ondrášek! Volej headed for Nita, 2: 0!

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Pilsen – Sparta: Cermak’s wound from behind the lime was aimed over the crossbar

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Plzeň – Sparta: Ondrášek exchanged the ball with Čermák, during the shot the ball went down his foot

Plzeň – Sparta: Plechatý and Krejčí smeared Čermák with a rough one, Bucha opens the score! 1: 0

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EDITING: Slavia - Boleslav 1: 0.  The series lasts without a loss, decided Olayinka

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CUTS: Slavia leads the league!  Sparta fell for the first time, Pilsen is third after the hit



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