Edeka advertising with Marc Rebillet as “Super Marc” becomes a viral hit

Edeka hired electro pop star Marc Rebillet for their new advertising campaign – and landed the next viral hit.

In the new spot, Rebillet, who appears in the clip as “Super Marc”, connects his electronic devices to groceries in an Edeka supermarket after the shop closes: garlic, yellow zucchini, dragon fruit – nothing is spared.

Rebillet’s outfit – a yellow satin coat – makes the quirky appearance perfect. And the wild ride begins: whenever Rebillet taps a product, a beat sounds. In his inimitable way for which he became an online celebrity, he creates a party atmosphere in the market.

Rebillet can find everything he needs in the Edeka market. Almost: “Where is the Schmand?” Asks the musician in the clip. A knowledgeable shop employee helps him out, sends him to the dairy products and the electronic party continues. Here you can make your own picture:


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At the end the advertising message follows: “We celebrate everything we have. With everything we have. ”Rebillet rubs his chest. The advertising hit, for which Edeka is celebrated in the social networks, is ready.

The clip has already generated 1.3 million views on YouTube within a few days. The supermarket chain is showered with praise in the comments. “Edeka just tears everything off again with the advertising. How cool is that, please, Marc Rebillet in an Edeka spot … way too good! Give the others a chance too, ”it says, for example, in a popular comment. Another says: “Edeka simply played through the marketing game.”

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The contribution of another YouTube user also shows that Edeka has probably done everything right with the advertising campaign: “Respect to the marketing team, that’s pretty awesome! Immediately put sour cream on your shopping list! “

It’s been around seven years since Edeka landed an advertising hit with Friedrich Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein was with his „Super horny“ an advertising icon, now it is being replaced by “Super Marc”.

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