Eddie wanted by Italian justice dies in Donbass, fought for Putin

Eddie Ongaro was from Venice

Eddie Ongaro, 46, who was a fan of Putin and went to fight with Russian separatists, died in Donbass, Italian media reported. Eddie was a native of Portogruaro, to Venice. He was killed by a hand grenade during hostilities in Donbass along with Russian separatists.

Italian justice has been looking for Eddie since 2015, when he kicked and punched a bartender who refused to give him another drink. Then the drunken man started beating the carabinieri who had arrived. Almost immediately afterwards, Eddie left for Eastern Europe, where he enlisted in the Russian separatist forces in Donbass, sympathetic to Putin. Ongaro became part of the Ghost Brigade. He chose Bozambo as his pseudonym, as he was once called a guerrilla during World War II. “I chose this brigade because of its international character. Do they pay me? Yes – breakfast, lunch and dinner. plus a Kalashnikov named Anita, like Garibaldi’s wife. I feel close to the poor. There are people all over the world who are trampled. This strong revolt was passed on to us by our ancestors against racist fascism. As long as there is air and blood in my body, I think I will stay in Ukraine, “said Eddie, quoted by Corriere della Sera. Before that, Ongaro also lived in Spain to “study” the Spanish Civil War. On February 20, 2022, he expressed his position praising the Russian invasion of Ukraine and called for a “fight against the beast.”

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