Ed Sheeran: Shape of You is five years old, look back at Spotify’s most-listened track

Remember, in January 2017, Ed Sheeran made his comeback on platforms with Shape of You, piece responsible for defending the album Divide. At the time, the British artist had chosen to make his comeback after a long deserved break, away from social networks and the spotlight. It won’t take long for Sheeran to grab the charts with this captivating and successful new track: Shape of You is celebrating its fifth anniversary and, as a bonus, it’s Spotify’s most listened to track.

If you followed the first seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, then you must know Snow Patrol : the group signs in particular classics such as Run or Chasing Cars. However, it is precisely with Johnny McDaid (member of the group) and producer Steve Mac that Ed Sheeran worked on the song. With Shape of You, Ed Sheeran tells how he falls in love with a woman he met in a bar.

  • Initially dedicated to Rihanna

You don’t have to believe it, but the song was originally intended for Rihanna. In an interview with the BBC, Ed Sheeran said: “I started writing lyrics like ‘putting Van the Man on the juke box’ and I was like “she’s not really going to sing that”. We decided halfway that it was going to work for me. ” Before considering Rihanna, Ed Sheeran was even thinking of giving the track to the Little Mixes.

Shape of You, which would become Spotify’s most listened to song (yes yes) broke records upon its release: the track, listened to nearly 6,868,642 times worldwide in the first 24 hours on Spotify has established itself on the platform.

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Exit at the same time as Castle on the Hill (another single from Divide), Shape of You to emancipate oneself: “There are no rules to follow,” explained Ed Sheeran. “You have to do things that other people don’t do, and I thought doing two double-sided A singles with two videos playing on the radio at the same time, would get people talking. And even if only one of the songs worked, l ‘one still talks about the other“. Five years later, Shape of You is still as popular as ever: a successful bet for the artist who is currently a hit with Equals – worthy successor of Divide.


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